lightrhythm visuals

recent lrv clients

‘brings a great mix of fresh concepts and creativity to our events’

rob spring

head of live events, BBC

“…helped us awe & amaze our audiences over the course of the last 6 years…”

viviane zaccour

executive producer, iMagic

exceeds expectations – we recommended their services to countless clients

simon harris

experience manager, green hippo

What we do…

creative direction

from art boards to execution, we develop the ‘look’ of your show, directing, with more than 10 years of experience, across a range of projects in theatre, fashion, TV and music.

content production

we provide full video production services with highly skilled staff in motion graphics, 3d animation and film based media.

stage design & tech consultation

we create stage designs for your event space and build virtual previews for your event production planning.

vr & ar visualisation

workflow for Hololens and Oculus with certified Unity staff for production in house. used for event planning and stage design presentation

recent lrv projects