VJs Develop Weapons of Mass Projection for VideoRIOT!! | lightrhythm visuals

SAN FRANCISCO–VIDEO RIOT! Returned Wednesday October 8th. A group of video and light-art enthusiasts SWAT-teamed a SOMA parking lot using only what they referred to as “weapons of mass projection”.

This years VIDEO RIOT!! showcased San Francisco’s homegrown Vj community in a format that is a cross between an edgy open-mic tailgate party and a real-time drive-in multiplex. Artists joined forces to create a massive outdoor wall of light just off the Embarcadero.

The event was organized by Grant Davis of Dimension 7 and Lightrhythm Co-founder Jon Schwark, and much effort was put in by many members of the SF Video Salon community. It was staged from inside, but held in the parking lot across the street. A live local pirate radio broadcast picked up on car radios provided a the music.

Movie from the first VideoRIOT!