Videojon & VJ Culture at ARANJI? | lightrhythm visuals

SAN FRANCISCO : Lightrhythm/D7 artists VJ Culture and Videojon worked on the amazing ARANJI 5 year anniversary event for our friends in the notorious art-party crew.

photo by “the claytolaytor”

The two circles you see at the bottom are actually a “brain transplant machine” created by VJ Culture. Translucent globes (which participants can stand underneath and put their heads into) house tiny cameras. The images are then swapped by some “future VJ mojo” and the faces are projected onto the opposite globe. Its a bit disorienting to see the other persons face from inside your own globe. From the audiences point of view, the head swapping is truly surreal. Brilliantly executed.

A total of 10 overlapping projectors (slide and video) lit the rest of the installation, a transparent fabric spiral strung from the posts of “Club Mighty” in San Francisco. Brains, neurons and cognitive psychology dominated the themed imagery. One of the most complicated shows we’ve done for a while, but also one of the most satisfying.