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Sheppee styles out “Dimension K” at Ageha

TOKYO : Since Lightrhythm Co-founder Ben Sheppee moved to Tokyo this spring, an lot of people have been wondering, “what is Ben up to?” Well, in response, a crew of vjs (including Sheppee, Derek Mayand, Stacey Pullen, and MMM) pulled off a spectacular show...

Lightrhythm in DV Magazine

SAN FRANCISCO : Lightrhytm and Video Salon were mentioned in the venerable trade publication DV Magazine” in the june issue. “The Rise Of The VJ” feature article, written by Allan Lundell, covered a broad range of vj topics.
Hidden Partition Reviewed in Earplug

Hidden Partition Reviewed in Earplug

NEW YORK–A review of Ben Sheppee’s Hidden Partition came out in Earplug this month, and we couldn’t be happier–it’s one of the most insightful blurbs we’ve seen. It’s great when you can tell someone really gets it. Thanks! For...

Pagel’s “Rainforest Dome” Lights Up UN Conference

SAN FRANCISCO : Nate Pagel, whose Metropolitáin appears on the second Lightrhythm DVD, created a breathtaking dome environment for the United Nations World Environment Day. This massive event included a conference of Mayors from around the world and an art expo, which...