Sheppee styles out “Dimension K” at Ageha | lightrhythm visuals

TOKYO : Since Lightrhythm Co-founder Ben Sheppee moved to Tokyo this spring, an lot of people have been wondering, “what is Ben up to?”

Well, in response, a crew of vjs (including Sheppee, Derek Mayand, Stacey Pullen, and MMM) pulled off a spectacular show at Ageha, leaving 5,000 attendees at the tokyo dance venue screaming for more.. Installations and art at the event included a plasma screen pyramid, a robot DJ, and projections pointed into the swimming pool.

Backstage, the visuals setup was a proving ground for Edirol’s brand new USB Midi Interace for Motiondive.

The show went so well that Sheppee has become a regular feature at the club, and several Lightrhythm label artists from the US will be performing there on October 15, 2005.

Ageha website