Lightrhythm AV at SFMOMA | lightrhythm visuals

SAN FRANCISCO : Lightrhythm Visuals provided an evening of audiovisual art for the summer installment of the “SFMOMA Sessions” event at San Francisco’s most prestigious art venue.

We showed lots of new work, either for the first time in North America, or the first time anywhere. Featuring Lightrhythm artists Ben Sheppee, VJon (Jon Schwark), Suryummy, Kevlar, and lighting collective »Coil. The program also highlighted new work by international producers upcoming on the label: MMM (Tokyo), VJ Oxygen (Netherlands), Positron, Benton-C and C-TRL Labs (New York), Tom Wall and VJ Anyone (London), and VJ Culture (San Francisco).

Music for the evening was be selected tracks from from several labels and artists we have been developing relationships with including Coppe, edIT, Plaid, The fabulous Laura B, and several artists associated with Lowpro Lounge. Full music and visual setlist available here eventually, but in the meantime, check out the »images of the show. Here is a sampler – to get a feel for the event.