Cybertongue Tour – 2006 | lightrhythm visuals

JAPAN / EUROPE – Lightrhythm artists took to the stage through October and November in conjunction with Coppe’ and Liberation Jumpsuit, as part of the “Cybertongue Tour” at venues in Tokyo and around Europe. Promoting new DVD releases and performing to expectant crowds in the cosmopolitan capitals they appeared at 7 confirmed shows and other secret performances spaned the the EU.

Public events.
Test-tone, Superdeluxe, Tokyo – 3rd Oct 2006
Resonance FM Radio Interview – 19th Oct 2006
Mavryx, Spitz, Shoreditch, UK – 20th Oct 2006
VJ: Audio-visual Art and VJ Culture (Book release event), Roxy, London Bridge, UK – 20th Oct 2006
Multi-Vitimins, Pool Bar, Shoreditch, UK – 31st Oct 2006
Songbird, Visions, Hackney, UK – 1st Nov 2006
Club on The Green, Ginglik, Shepards Bush, UK – 4th Nov 2006
Head&Arm, Vibe Bar, Shoreditch, UK – 7th Nov 2006
Optica Festival, Gijon, Spain – 11th Nov 2006