Mercury World Conference Open: Superwide Hip-Hop Video Performance | lightrhythm visuals

US : Lightrhythm Visuals artist Vjon designed the live visual system and did motion graphics for the A/V performance opening of the Mercury World conference. The general session in the Bellagio grand ballroom held 3500 employees and customers. Mercury Software is a Fortune 500 company that does Network testing applications and web services.

_MERCURY: “VJ Open 2006″

Unique aspects of the installation included an 85-foot semi-circular screen, with complex integration of camera feeds into a 3600 x 600 pixel (6:1 aspect ratio) motion graphic canvas. Live audio reactive and “scratched” graphic elements from world renowned visual performer VJ Culture were mixed in with other performed video elements from VJons system backstage, where he helped direct their assembly out to the screen.

DBR and the mission performed an amazing composition that combines a string quartet playing a Bach concerto, a hip-hop style scratch DJ, a violin played through a distortion pedal, and a full funk band. The visual were also a synthesis of Classical and Hip Hop cultural elements that supported the client’s “merging of old and new companies” concept.

Branding was kept minimal till the very end (only live camera shots of the set logos), but the performance provided a key conceptual foundation that was echoed throughout the 3-day conference with VJ and DJ elements.

“This was the most technically challenging project I’ve worked on for a while, and also one of the most fun.” Vjon
The gear list to play/perform all of this was amazing. At the center was a Spyder multi-channel HD Canvas brought together two 1920×1600 PC driven playback sources. It also pulled in another HD Mixer and two SD mixers for the VJs. Piped into these mixers were their Mac-based and Edirol video instruments. Five live camera feeds were directed via a fifth switcher and integrated at every level of the pipeline.