NEW RELEASE: Lightrhythm Visuals Singles 11-15 Hits the Streets | lightrhythm visuals

WORLDWIDE : The highly anticipated Singles 11-15 is the latest VJ compilation DVD from Lightrhythm Visuals. Available March 06th 2007, the album includes collaborative sessions from some stunning world renowned artists like CTRL and VJ MMM (some of the minds behind the Japanese software Motiondive). Lightrhythm heavyweights Ben Sheppee, and Kevlar tangle with VJ REEL (insector labo) and hold their own next to top EU producers VJ Anyone (voted number 3 on the DJ Magazines VJ charts) and VJ Oxygen (Holland). The “Upstate Old Master” Benton C Bainbridge for this release uses historic analog video synthisizers. His efforts are then recontextualized by Pixelshifter in their custom visual software r:Dog.

Singles 11-15 is the result of 18 months of carefully guided efforts. All said, more than 15 artists contributed DVD elements to this looping visuals album. Perfect a VJ mixing material.

Available from March 29th 2007 – $24.99

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