Cultura VJ Exhibition | lightrhythm visuals

SPAIN : 9 Lightrhythm artists are participating in the “Repeat Please: VJ Culture” exhibition in Cordoba, Spain; an exhibition curated by the ZEMOS98 collective for Eutopia 07. The project is an informative exhibition about the culture of video jockeys, or VJs – creators of the audiovisuals of the present and the future.


This exhibition has a strong focus on information, and includes a demo area allowing hands-on access to VJ software and hardware, videos and interactive audiovisual installations. An exhibition catalogue will be published with specialised texts on the different areas of the exhibition and images of the works included in it. This catalogue will be the first of its kind published in Spain, and to contribute to the social expansion of the concepts it covers, it will also be available in PDF format.

Link to the site – here