New Release : Notations 01 | lightrhythm visuals

WORLDWIDE : After a year of collaborative efforts, Lightrhythm returns with another impassable, audiovisual album. Always innovative and utterly inspiring, the captivating first in Lightrhythm’s new series “Notations 01” showcases handpicked artists from Europe, Japan and the Americas. Continuing to deliver imaginative content and hosting award winning artists “Notations 01” descends into stores from October the 25th.


The name, inspired by the book “Notations” (compiled by John Cage) aimed to also explore the new techniques in visualization of sound in the same way that Cage inspired new forms of written music. For this reason Lightrhythm consciously sought out matured approaches to a diversity of music. The result encompasses a full spectrum of sound and light; classical compositions, electronic interpretations; each track unearthing a fresh, motivating re-approach towards visual arts and vjing. The works fill an expanse of imagination and intellect, a playful choreographed of light, shape and sound. Varying approaches yield a range of moods from the day dreamscapes of “Lake” to the awakening rhythms of “Ellis Jones” and “Gravith”.

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A key element of Notations 01 is its collaborative concept: each contributing artist shared their source files with top visual performers and designers around the world. Each VJ then remixed the elements of one track, arranging and interpreting the composition in their own style. The results stand as a truly global collection of work, collaborations between cultures and mediums, resulting in a unique DVD. Visual remixes utilize the DVDs multi-angle feature, allowing two animations to run simultaneously to the same audio track, which inturn lets the viewer interact with the content switching between original works and remixed works in real time.

Including some of the world’s top audiovisual talents such as Suryummy (VJ Battle winner for two years straight), Vj Anyone (last year voted no#3 VJ in the world by DJ Magazine) and renowned gallery artist Scott Draves, along with gripping performances from the labels returning ensemble cast, Ben Sheppee, Brian Clark and Kevlar. New to the label, taking over the reigns include visual effects artist Supernature (Da-Vinci Code, Sky Captain) and top Spanish designers Actop, and young Japanese creative VJ Reel,

Notations 01 DVD set includes all in all 30artists, an hour and a half of creative video artwork, interactive DVD content, plus is packed with iPod Data and, bonus remixes on the ROM part of the disc. The “Notations 01” DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $24.99 U.S. from the 25th of October.

Product release (10.25.7)– Preview copies are now available. – for more information and preview DVDs