AMVJ Remix Sessions | lightrhythm visuals

WORLDWIDE : LightrhythmVisuals has teamed up with Sony music Japan and the Alien-eye Studios to create a collection of dynamic audiovisual remixes.Highlighting the simultaneous worldwide releases of the new album “Easy Action by Boom Boom Satellites and the opening title of new Japanime Studio Oxybot, 12 lightrhythm artists were commissioned top produce visual remixes of the new movie “Vexille” a new production from the makers of ”Appleseed”.

Top Lightrhythm Artists MMM, VJ Anyone, and Actop are followed up by a host of talented VJ content designers, which span 5 continents and an vast array of aesthestics. Varying approaches to the remix project range from the collage techniques of Shantell Martin to the virtual film interfaces by Flapper3 each bringing something new and fresh to the films rich style of rendering.

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