Pre-release Announcement : Ryuke Archive | lightrhythm visuals

WORLDWIDE : Lightrhythm Visuals and Insector Labo, announces they are releasing the ausiovisual compilation DVD “Ryuke – Tokyo Remix Sessions” early this year. Produced by two of Japans top CG and Motion Graphic designers the visual richness and dense textural works reconfirm Tokyo as a leader in visual content will be available globally on DVD from May the 1st 2008.


The two Japanese creators VJ REEL and K-Mixx formed a partnership in 2004 where they first concepted the album. Performing together extensively in Tokyos vibrant electronic music scene and working closely with audio artists from the Insector Labo they matured a collection of modern works which fluctuate between …

3d concepts of virtual reality, Film influenced by the surroundings or the Asain metropolis and expressive and playful graphic studies of data, The audiovisual works were discovered by VJ group Lightrhythm Visuals who expanded the project into a six way collaboration project commissioning further remixes and authoring the record. The disc reveals an array of creative video techniques from the dynamic beat driven pulsating “in-sect” to the industrial structural qualities of “beautiful destruction”.

A key element of “Ryuke” is its collaborative concept: with each track being visually remixed by top visual producers from around the world. Featuring adapttions by from scenes top influencers VJ Anyone, and Funkshun.01, alongside the graphic inventions of Kevlar, and finished off by two memorable interpretations by the labels founder Ben Sheppee its truly a cultural melting pot with artists from four continents taking their place on the disc and involving in the original Japanese works.

The audio selection for the album falls strongly into the arms of Tokyos underground with recognized “Broken Haze” and laptop producer “Chaos” collectively contributing a cohesive selection of timeless sounds. Both artists have released multiple albums and have matured both instinctive and individual styles of music which equally balance the quality of the visual works.

Ryuke : The Tokyo Remix Sessions includes 64 mins of sharply rendered and dynamically animated entertainment suitable for both Live house and Lounge. With interactive DVD content, and packed with iPod Data and, bonus remixes on the ROM part of the disc. Ryuke is available online now through the LRVCatalog site »here and will be available on DVD instore worldwide from the 1st of May 2008.