Release Event : Electronic Pub | lightrhythm visuals

TOKYO : Lightrhythm Visuals and Thrid Ear, organized a release event at Seco Lounge in Shibuya to mark the release of the new compilation DVD “Ryuke – Tokyo Remix Sessions”. Several top lightrhythm acts were billed including VJMMM, Shantell Martin, Ben Sheppee and Kevlar, giving a solid platform for a dynamic audiovisual performance by VJ REEL and Broken Haze.

Key audio performances by the french act – “the shoes” and japanese allstar band “the samos” provided a dancable atmosphere which continued all night. Seco bar – recognized for its multiscreen setup was completely transformed for the event and gave an ideal canvas for the musical acts who were surrounded in everything from live drawing techniques to audio responsive light based arts.

Check out stills from the events » here