av8ion ep release | lightrhythm visuals

The limited edition disc captures the most recent  practices of Ben Sheppee and Fred Moth, marking a 10 year collaboration between the creators and sparking many ideas for a new era in audiovisual performance. On the surface, the av8ion EP is an attractive palatable av experience, closer up it unravels an intellectual approach to some modern issues. chechk it out in the lightrhythm catalog

Signature sounds composed from Fred Moth’s “wooden circuits” encompass a blend of acoustic and digital rhythms vibrating between moody blues to brazilian electronica. Visually the EP explores some beautifully epic imagery with a strong motion graphic aesthetic. Satellite images overlay constructivist architectural visuals and the viewer is able to read several times into a rich tapestry of design and composition. Great examples of these digital expressions spread from the pulsing vibrance of the track “overpopul8ion” to the moody and textured flavours of “communic8ion”

The album features a host of guest musicians to fill out the sounds as well. Vocals from Ian Perry and space empress Coppe’, contrast with a rather more classical approach from flutist Helen Jenner and John Pearce’s violin. Altogether, well rounded production has delivered a collection of talents under one diversely colourful umbrella of sound

The av8ion project originates as a 3 screen live performance and as an EP this cohesive series of works poetically expand on societies present interests in ecology and sustainability. Ben Sheppee gave his account for their creative concept: “For a long time some artists in this scene have been producing mindless beats and repetitive eye candy. When we put this album together we intended to give the work a purpose – and its been much more fulfilling to create a set of contents that address some contemporary concerns. It was a real challenge to bring these insights into a product and a performance without lecturing an audience but by entertaining and bringing a message through to this expanding audiovisual scene.”

This EP is soon to be followed up by a full album which expands on the featured tracks with selected audio and visual remix artists from US EU and Japan. But unlike the album, the EP includes unique features; mp3, iphone video, vj loops, wallpaper desktops and links to updates online.

more about av8ion – here