Interview with Raquel Meyers | lightrhythm visuals

With the release of “Useless Yet Crucial” coming up in summer this year – we caught up with Raquel Meyers to get the lowdown on her projects and plans. The insider report on Raquel Meyers and whats going on inside that head…
interview by Shantell Martin

What kind of music do you listen to when your working?

All kind of music, I love it, but not an especific style, could be, chiptune, experimental, noise, hc, avant garde, electronic, retro, acid … just the perfect music for the perfect ambient.

Where do you source the music from on your tracks?
I work directly with the musicians, we find the way to made something together, and most of the times is people that I know.

Do you watch a lot of content online?
I’m a curious person, so I watch, read and listen a lot.

Where do you work on your projects?
Usually at home, in my room, I need a relax ambient.

Can you describe your style? and the evolution in it?
Spam visuals for demolition times, surreal imagery and eerie atmospheres.
A small insight to the 8bit world of lightrhythm artist Raquel Meyers – and whats going on inside that head …

Who or what do the main characters in your work represent?
I make my own content, I grow up with video games, arcade machines and TV console.
So I have all these referents from the early 80s and 90s.
Sometimes I tribute the early influence and others create new characters, depends of the project I’m working on and what I feel about the music.

Have you always worked with video?
My background is photography. I started with black and white 35mm films when I was 16 years old and mading experiments in lab with differents technics. Later that, I started with computers and video. I don’t have academic studies, just learn by myself.

How did you come to be releasing an album with lightrhythm visuals?
A friend is common with Ben Sheppee, Blanca Regina, put us in contact, and he wanted to made a release with all my pixel work.

What should we know about the album you will release with lightrhythm visuals?
It’s a compilation of my work from 2007-2010, with old and new videos not releases yet, secret videos and mixed collaboration with friends like Ilan Katin, noteNdo, the C-Men, No Carrier, Paris Treantafeles …

What would you like to be working on in the future?
It’s better be open to what is happenning around, I don’t take things for granted, so let’s go with the flow.