exhibition : InsideOut OutsideIn | lightrhythm visuals

New York : May 12 – May 22, 2010 – Project InsideOut OutsideIn expands upon Martin’s ever-changing, growing world in which the ephemera of the everyday is taken out of its natural world to highlight the simplest essence of the environs referenced by Martin. As Martin literally turns the gallery inside-out, bringing inside what is meant to be out,side the viewer becomes a participant; what is private becomes transparent, and what seems obvious cannot be taken literally.

For more information regarding the performance schedule, please contact the gallery at gallery@colletteblanchard.com

This bonanza of collaboration of illustration, music, light, performance, and being there to see what happens produces a playful, backward, asymmetrical environment. In the artist’s words, the work is , “completely spontaneous. Nothing is rehearsed, nothing is practiced.” Whimsical, meticulous drawings that emerge as digitized media or ink renderings on canvas, walls, windows, and cars meander from the surface of their origin to human skin via light, ink, and/or spatial proximity. Martin’s depictions abstract the contexts of reference images through stream-of-conscious associations between inanimate objects and anthropomorphic forms. With the simplicity of a line Martin creates delicate, intricate, and ever-changing otherworldly landscapes populated with quasi-humans and other creatures, all engaged in the process of evolving into something else. She expands conventional definitions of drawing, pioneering an area that combines improvised live illustration, light, and audience interaction.

Collette Blanchard Gallery
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Gallery Hours are Wed. – Sun. 12 -6 and by appointment.