Release Announcement – Useless Yet Crucial | lightrhythm visuals

UK – Lightrhythm announces its 11th title “Useless Yet Crucial” a series of 8bit motion graphics works by the artist Raquel Meyers. Covering the last 4 years of her works and many new videos, the collection is refreshingly amusing, surreal, and exposes her unique approach to animation. A fresh take on 80s computer graphics this diverse collection of works spans her collaborations with bands internationally, and her experimentation between camera and computer.

There are several strong entry points to the album, which will quickly hook viewers into a sequence of playful animations. Raquel seamlessly applies her matured visual style into a variety of scenarios; from the passionate washing machine smack-down “retirementology”, to the comedy of killer birds in “Droiduck” this album is both aesthetically pleasing and skillfully entertaining .

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