Interview with Joshue Ott | lightrhythm visuals


This months interview is with Joshue Ott – performer and creator of software / generative art. Known widely for his programming on “thicket” and “superdraw” we got a few minutes with the artist and got the scoop on new projects (with some free codes for readers).  Audio interview and Review by Shantell Martin

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Every time I check up on SuperDraw, a visual software instrument that manipulates digital drawn forms in real time, it seems to have evolved and changed even more than the last time I looked. At first, in it’s simplest form, it was almost like when you watch a person playing with a sparkler in slow motion—you see the origin of a spark, and follow its ghost trail. Now SuperDraw’s depth and complexity allows for multiple layering and premeditated and live transitions. Multidraw, a networked version of SuperDraw, allows guests to get in on the action by using their phones as a sort of remote control.

Four years after finding SuperDraw on the internet and emailing creator Josh Ott to tell him how amazing I thought it was, I find myself living a mere five minute walk from him. His office is piled up with computers, hard drives, controllers, foot pedals, and instruments made of anything from wires to spoons, obscure handheld things you can play in many ways. Recently Josh has released a couple of interactive drawing apps, Thicket and Snowdrift, and the former was recently featured in Apple’s “Hot Trends in 2010” list. I popped around the corner to talk to Josh about what compels him to perform.

I’ve been enjoying playing with Thicket and Snowdrift all morning. Josh has kindly given Lightrythm Visuals a handful of promo codes to down old the Thicket for free. So drop me an email an email at shantell{at} and I’ll send you a code! For more info on Joshue and his projects – please check