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Russia : Three artists were been invited to present at Hybrid Art Exhibition @ Digital Oktober in Moscow – a huge digital art event which brings artists from USA, Europe and Japan. Scott Pagano and Masato Tsutsui were both featured with Ben Sheppee giving a lectures on creative industries and the history of lightrhythm. The event which took place at Digital Oktober lasted for 4 days from 18-22nd of may. This page includes a video report and some interviews with the artists and Hybrid Art staff about the exhibition.

We presented the curators with a few questions to get their further insight to how it all went…

What were some of the key installations this year ?
Yalo: Masterpieces hidden in black boxes 🙂 Stereoscopic video installation of a very serious guy – Ulf Langenreich, LAND. I also adore Scott Pagano’s work “Spend some time with me forever” for it’s epic scope and singing melting. “Anechoic room for Maria version” by Keiichiro Shibuya + evala – absolutely orgasmic thunder storm sound installation from 24 speakers directed to 1 person’s head – about 3 levels, 3 lives of sound: chaotic and disturbed (noise), organized and harmonized (music) and natural, virginal (silence). Keiichiro devoted this piece to his wife Maria, Who died 3 years ago.

Anna: LAND and TAPE were most powerful to my mind. TAPE as a central site-specific installation, brining together all other pieces in one story, building the narrative, a touchable installation among digital and engineering pieces. And 3D video installation with sound and light environment LAND is real psytool, my friends yogis enjoyed it a lot, they said it was like an intense practice, after which the perception changed, became fresher and sharper. Also Ulf Langheinrich is the oldest and I suspect most experienced artists from all participants.


How do you go about organizing the festival (how long does it take / how does the team work ect) ?
Anna: This edition of Hybrid art we started orginizing straight after the first edition. Olga, our 1st curator, was superproductive on finding new art-pieces for the next show. Many things changed on the way, festival became smaller in scale. This part was hard emotionally – to see your curator’s dream melting like ice cream on a hot sunny day in megapolis… Anyway everybody did their best within given circumstance. Regarding teamwork for such kind of festival, I believe technical director is the key person at the end. Probably we (Olga and me) are becoming boring perfectionist in our profession, as we were not 100% satisfied with the final exposition, we are looking towards a “perfect show”.

What kind of response have you had from the event ?
Long term and very deep and interesting perspectives start to open. Like as if you touched a very ancient pendulum.. I am a big fan of artistic recearch and getting new and deeper insights, emotions, experiences and exchanges. Let’s cound the stars and see How far we get – festivals inspire a lot 🙂

Who are people to watch in your opinion as curators ?
Sergey Kasich (musician, sound artist, experimental public activist, come out from Theremencenter created in 1947 at the Moscow State Conservatory).
Prototoroid – sound + poetry – very specific and “outside of reality”, author and leader – Alexey Chulansky, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Uram Choe.

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