Pre-Release Announcement – Control Machine EP | lightrhythm visuals


CA – Lightrhythm announces its 12th title “control machine ep” a series of 5 works works by the 3 times emmy award winning visual artist Brian Clark. “Control Machine is an assorted and contrasting collection of retrospective film works composed to a range of classical scores and modern remixes. It runs with a launch campaign “no:control” inviting guest artists to remix the series of films for the final release date of November 24th 2011.

While the name of the EP suggests containment a contrasting side to the collection exists. The track programming first absorbs viewers into an entrancing session of colour therapy through ethereal tracks like e-scape and e-motion, however as the viewer progresses through the collection of works sporadic splicing of imagery in works like “machines of summer” leaves clear connection of the EP title to William S. Burroughs original quote of the expression in his essay “The Soft Machine 1961”.

Despite its digital creation Clark’s work has inspired audiences through its genuine fluidity which responds to the tone and vibrance of a mostly classical audio selection. The breadth of work was produced on Flame and Inferno giving a high production value to the overall look of the films and orchestral moods amplify the mix bringing an epic atmosphere to the scene.

Politics and humour are blended into the mix through satirical works such as “religion” and c’est ne pas un pénis”, which at first glance could be confused with very serious works. Clark cleverly explores the surreal and unusual virtual environments to house his play of light and colour and present some alternative agendas.

Clark created the collection of works whilst co-ordinating a regular screening event in Sacramento, california – a place strongly associated with the first steps in television and video performance besides more obvious influences of the film industry. Clark exposed himself to a community of other creators by organising the cinema event and found a creative hub to generate ideas and inspire new works. Clark explains talking about the title “The tracks on the EP were the genesis of a quarterly (seasonal) meeting of a film group called 23degrees (after the tilt of earth’s axis relative to the sun). A theme was selected for each quarterly meeting. “Escape” was done for the theme “Landscape”, “Summer of Machines” was done for the theme “Machines”, and so on.” The animations were created in Flame* while I was working full time at a TV post production facility.

Clark’s works are presented in a short but concise 5 track volume which will be available for download and in store from the 24th of November complimented by a range of additional features including an interview with the creator, and a series of remixed interpretations resulting from the “no:control” competition. The ep offers a tasteful and interesting collection of work with a cultural edge and a twist of intellect.

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