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Architexture #006

Architexture is an audio visual collection of 60 second ideas, colour, sounds and texture by musician and audio designer Fred moTh aka Thom Thomas-Watkins and…

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Architexture #005

Part 005 of the AV collaboration See part 001 here: part 002 here: and part 003 here: Architexture is an audio visual…

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  • Fred moTh

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Fred moTh Nick Name: Bosh Birth Date: 1980 Place Of Birth: London Occupation: Electronic music artist

    Best Known For

    Collaborating with Coppe' ( on her UK tour and tracks on 3 of her albums, Ben Sheppee ( on various AV projects and the Architexture series with Paul Stevenson (


    Hello, I'm Fred. Thank you for visiting my website and checking to see who on Earth I am. I could let you know about my upbringing and schooling and then go on about all the people I've made music with but does that change the way you listen to my music? If you want to chat and get to know me then get in touch via the links below but for this synopsis, all that needs to be said is I love music and the craft of making it. If it suits the time, in your life, on this day, right now then that's one of my happiest things. Thanks for listening


  • "Stunning...Blown away" James Santer

    BBC Devon Introducing
  • "Spooky, strange, asymmetrical and achingly beautiful, we recommend you turn the lights down low and give this collection of six truly unique electronic soundscapes your full attention" Will Sumsuch

    Strictly Underground Music

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