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  • "Stunning...Blown away" James Santer

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  • "Spooky, strange, asymmetrical and achingly beautiful, we recommend you turn the lights down low and give this collection of six truly unique electronic soundscapes your full attention" Will Sumsuch

    Strictly Underground Music
  • “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”

    Victor Hugo


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    Fred moTh

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Fred moTh Nick Name: FM Birth Date: 1980 Place Of Birth: London Occupation: Electronic music artist

    Best Known For

    Working with Coppe' (MangoSweet.com) on her UK tour and tracks on 3 of her albums. Featuring on Bit Phalanx's Collaborators album and having music on Lightrhythm Visuals DVD releases inc. Raquel Meyers, Shantell Martin & Flux Visuals.


    A landscape painter of sounds. With infectious melodies and characterful bass lines he visits a variety of rhythms and tempos in his music. His new E.P The Final Door is due out in April 2015 and has many of his classic melodic synth motifs along with new directions that delve into a more cinematic spacious sound. He also has an album in the making, Chimera's Dream, inspired by indie game music and has inspired learning about game making and now there's a mini-game that's going to be made alongside the album. Watch twitter for production updates!

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Architexture #005

Part 005 of the AV collaboration See part 001 here: vimeo.com/114601774 part 002 here: vimeo.com/116187473 and part 003 here: vimeo.com/121827484 Architexture is an audio visual…

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20RPM Tour

Freshness to you all! I joined Coppé (Mango+Sweetrice) on her 20th anniversary tour last week to play in her band for the Bristol and London…

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The Final Door EP

    The Final Door Number of tracks : 6

    Album Name: The Final Door

    Composer: Fred moTh

    Release Date: 2015/04/30

    Genre: Electronic

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    In these busy digital days, it’s rare to find a piece of music that makes us just stop and listen. Independently released by the artist, Fred moTh‘s debut EP brought the office to a complete standstill this morning.

    Truly brilliant downtempo electronica is all-too thin on the ground these days, but this EP more than fits the bill. Featuring the legendary (almost mythical in fact) Japanese artist Coppe’, ‘Seabass’ is a real highlight on the EP, alongside the wonderfully titled ‘Meek Your Maker’ and the enigmatic ‘Bagging Area’.


    Spooky, strange, asymmetrical and achingly beautiful, we recommend you turn the lights down low and give this collection of six truly unique electronic soundscapes your full attention.


    1. Low Tide 05:30

    2. Bagging Area 03:32

    3. Standard Bruv 05:09

    4. Seabass 05:43

    5. Meek Your Maker 05:00

    6. The Final Door 04:37


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