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    Fred moTh

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Fred moTh Nick Name: FM Birth Date: 1980 Place Of Birth: London Occupation: Electronic music artist

    Best Known For

    Working with Coppe' (MangoSweet.com) on her UK tour and tracks on 3 of her albums. Featuring on Bit Phalanx's Collaborators album and having music on Lightrhythm Visuals DVD releases inc. Raquel Meyers, Shantell Martin & Flux Visuals.


    A landscape painter of sounds. With infectious melodies and characterful bass lines he visits a variety of rhythms and tempos in his music. His new E.P The Final Door is due out in April 2015 and has many of his classic melodic synth motifs along with new directions that delve into a more cinematic spacious sound. He also has an album in the making, Chimera's Dream, inspired by indie game music and has inspired learning about game making and now there's a mini-game that's going to be made alongside the album. Watch twitter for production updates!


    TTW audio design

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Thom Thomas-Watkins Nick Name: TTW audio design Birth Date: Place Of Birth: London Occupation: Composer, Producer, Sound Designer

    Best Known For

    Working with Lightrhythm visuals & visual hybrid on projects such as BikeRadar's Iconic Climbs Series, YAS Waterpark, Readbug app. campaign...


    An experienced hard working producer and composer with many strings to his bow. Accomplished in recording, sound design, mixing and MIDI programming he's also quickly learning Unity3D and C# script for implementing audio in games and as it turns out, making one!

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The Final Door – Press…

THE FINAL DOOR EP by FRED MOTH On the 30th of April 2015, Independent electronic music artist Fred moTh is releasing his debut solo EP…

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Pics & VidsFM & TTW

TTW audio designCOMMERCIAL


 Thom Thomas-Watkins is the man behind TTW Audio Design and captures, collates and creates sounds for professional projects.

He's studied the art of composing and recording for nearly 18 years and since doing a creative music and performance BTEC at Weymouth College in 1996, he's not stopped making music and has dedicated himself to developing skills in the studio, the field and on the stage. Specialising in the guitar, he has a great ear for fine musicianship and performance of acoustic and synthesised instrumentation. A great deal of his writing is done on DAW's using Logic Pro, Reason, Pro Tools and Ableton Live with developed skills in MIDI, synthesis, sound design and mixing. Thom loves to get stuck into big productions but also gives his equal best to more humble commissions.

He's noted for sound design and audio implementation for a theme waterpark in the U.A.E and viral campaigns for the National Lottery, BristolNHS (BrAMS). More recently, the promo campaign for the new magazine based Readbug app. Known for working well with new people in creative situations he also has a wide range of excellent musicians, composers and producers at hand that he's worked with for years and knows how to bring their best out in a session.

If your needing a fresh, professionally produced sound for any kind of production be it for Film, TV, Viral Campaigns, Games then he can give you his expertise, enthusiasm and dedication to bring the best possible result to your project. Please feel free to get in touch with Thom.


ReadBug app. promo video - November 2014

Composition, foley, sound design, mixing and production.

Promotional advert for the new magazine application by Readbug.

ReadBug on Vimeo

Oakley BikeRadar Iconic Climbs Film series - July 2014

Commissioned to compose music for 3 short films about the Tour de France's Most Iconic Climbs. Voted by the readers of BikeRadar, the films set about making  jaw dropping, muscle burning mountain climbs in the Alps. Shot on location, they define the history, mood and technical prowess of each of the climbs.

 Released on BikeRadar's "Feature Fridays", the films had to have the composition, sound design, narration and mixing complete for publishing  in a 5 week period . Working in tandem with the video editors, we worked closely on creating a different atmosphere for each film which was all done via Skype and Google. A wonderful creative process,influencing each others artistic decisions and exploring the possibilities, in different parts of the country!

A real pleasure mixing the masterful narration by Tony Haygarth.

 I took inspiration from the stunning composer Murcof and soundtracks of Moon by Clint Mansell & Solaris by Cliff Martinez. Erik Satie played a part in influencing the piano lines plus i've been hearing a lot Jesper Kyd's music recently too!

The video team consisted of the exquisite skills of Paul Stevenson (Visual Hybrid), Chris Urmston, Daniel Pearce, Thomas Lee, Alun Pughe and Jim Everleigh at Future publishing PLC.

Alpe d Huez - The first film has been nicknamed the Hollywood Climb so cue strings, brass and dramatic piano!

Ventoux - "Is the bane of cyclists and a gift to myth makers"

Galibier - "An act of adoration"

ReadBug Video Pitch for Seedrs - May 2014

Working with Visual Hybrid and Chris Urmston, we put together what's been said to be

"the best pitch Seedrs has seen in a long time"

and proceeded to get a standing ovation at the presentation at Google HQ, London.

For this project I created an up-lifiting, start-up, euphoric piece of music. I wanted to give it the feel of the old being replaced by the new. It also needed to have a feeling of excitement and to portray an atmosphere of gold dust. One of the key factors was it to be sparse enough to sit underneath spoken voice and for it to use instrumentation that wouldn't get in the way of the frequency of their voices. I was also required to create sound to punctuate and exaggerate the motion graphics. I had to get these to fit in the mix by pitching them in key with the piece of music and again for the frequencies to not clash with the voice and music.

BrAMS Charity fundraising video - April 2014


Worked with Visual Hybrid and Chris Urmston to put together this video for raising awareness of MS at the specialist unit at Frenchay Hospital, Bristol.

YAS Waterworld, Abu Dhabi, UAE - April 2012 - Jan 2013  

client - Lightrhythm Visuals & Oasis Enterprises, Architainment, Al Shirawi group.

I was commissioned to compose and produce music that soundtracked 8 of the water slides that were equipped with cutting edge AV technology. Each tube has contact speakers that transmitted the audio to the rider as they descended as well as lighting and projections.

The audio had to be finely equalised to cut through the sound of water and also trimmed and syncopated with the speed the average rider would travel. Each tube has 5 theme options relating to the overall story of "Dana" and the "Lost Pearl" and all the characters that she met on the way. The music had to represent these characters and add to the already exciting journey the rider was on!

Many thanks to Helen Jenner for her amazing flute playing.

The music was scored and recorded using Logic pro and Reason 6.5 and a series of Sonokenetics sample packs.

Here are some examples of the themes and rides.

Audio Visual Academy 2011

Client - AV:academy, St Petersburg, Russia & Lightrhythm Visuals

Contributed to this online academy open to students internationally. I created content for the first 3 lessons in 'using music software as a sound source, generating sounds with synths, drum machines, samplers'. Also covering the details of basic recording, microphones and editing, while applying it to modern music, I'm afraid i'm not allowed to show an example of the lessons but follow links to see the magnitude of this extensive knowledge base. One of Fred moth's tracks is used for the intro music to their latest video here and you can see my bio on their list of contributors.

BikeRadar  - 2011

Client - Future publishing, Bath, UK.

A piece written for a Bikeradar viral video, one of a series, pitching man against machine on extreme terrains. This episode was filmed in Utah so went for a dessert, arid and driving style with the music. Have a look, if copyright in your country allows it.

  In the past i've also worked on projects for companies such as National Lottery - Sound design for a viral video Sony Ericsson - music for an internal promotional video DeLib - Sound effects for an educational online game produced for home energy awareness and a sound effects for an online 8bit ninja game that was used to promote an agency related campaign.

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Feel free to contact me on +44 (0)7766310623 or send me a message on the right.

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