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RUSSIA : Hybrid Art Installations

Russia : Three artists were been invited to present at Hybrid Art Exhibition @ Digital Oktober in Moscow – a huge digital art event which brings artists from USA, Europe and Japan. Scott Pagano and Masato Tsutsui were both featured with Ben Sheppee giving a...
exhibition : InsideOut OutsideIn

exhibition : InsideOut OutsideIn

New York : May 12 – May 22, 2010 – Project InsideOut OutsideIn expands upon Martin’s ever-changing, growing world in which the ephemera of the everyday is taken out of its natural world to highlight the simplest essence of the environs referenced by...

Pagel’s “Rainforest Dome” Lights Up UN Conference

SAN FRANCISCO : Nate Pagel, whose Metropolitáin appears on the second Lightrhythm DVD, created a breathtaking dome environment for the United Nations World Environment Day. This massive event included a conference of Mayors from around the world and an art expo, which...
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