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lrv_magazine you cant touch it, literally - but its glossy and full of some cool cool designs, film projects and photography. From 8bit to HD a full spectrum of whats going on visually at the moment in lightrhythm's spring...

lrv_tokyo events

Tokyo : Several Lightrhythm artists were involved with events in Tokyo through April as Shantell Martin and Ben Sheppee returned to the Asian metropolis to promote the new releases now distributed by Uplink in stores around Japan. Lightrhythm's regular event Visualux...

av8ion ep release

The limited edition disc captures the most recent  practices of Ben Sheppee and Fred Moth, marking a 10 year collaboration between the creators and sparking many ideas for a new era in audiovisual performance. On the surface, the av8ion EP is an attractive palatable... is a new online arts channel, which has chosen to feature the works of lightrhythm artists. The russian based group have made a solid attempt at a curated streaming video channel and focused the point of the channel on visual arts, short film,...

Lightrhythm Work Lights Up Boston Square

BOSTON : Work by Shantell Martin and Addictive TV will be presented by Lumen Eclipse on two flat panel displays in Harvard Square from January 2010 to March 2010, and 24-hours a day on The project curated by Jameson Wallace of the School of...

YWFT – New Distributor

ONLINE : Lightrhythm has started distributing downloadable video contents through the designers website You Work For Them - a hugely influential online store for carefully curated stock fonts, imagery and motion graphics. The first artists to be listed include Flux, Suryummy, Blinkin Lab and Ben Sheppee, with new contents to be added monthly to the collection. Keep your eye on the ywft website for updates.

Thriller – Raquel Meyers

JAPAN: Lightrhythm Visuals recently produced a online promotion video for Japanese gameboy musician "Saitone". Requested by Digital DJ, Lightrhythm artist Raqual Meyers was commissioned to produce a stylized 8 bit animation for the campaign which registered 130,000 views in it's first week. The popular video based on the licensed Michael Jackson song "Thriller" has since been picked up MTV USA and recieved countless comments on YouTube and Vimeo. Raquel Meyers has signed with Lightrhythm for her debut album "Useless Yet Crucial" coming out in summer 2010 and is currently has just finished touring around Europe with the Band GoTo80.

Interview with Fred moTh

Audio artist from the latest release "av8ion" Fred moTh shares a little behind the scenes chat, and some ideas for whats to come next - He doesnt give away his cheese on toast recipe - but there are some other interesting little finds . The insider report on Fred moTh...

Clockenflap – Screenings

HONG KONG - lightrhythm screened contents and was represented by Hong Kong Partner Non Lineari during the festival Clockenflap this month. Clockenflap is a multimedia music and art festival which takes place at the futuristic location "Cyberport" and hosts creators from around the world to local audiences.

Lightrhythm sponsors MG Fest 2009

US - Sketch Projector artist Shantell Martin will be featured as part of the 2009 MG Festival in Washington DC, Nov 18 - 22, and Lightrhythm give-aways included as part of the "Silent Auction" ???. The schedule features workshops, screenings and performances over the course of three days

Uplink – New Distributor in Japan

TOKYO : Lightrhythm has begun a distribution partnership with Japanese film distributor Uplink, to sell the most recent releases and all new titles to follow. Uplink currently distributes a large number of titles to Japans largest stores and hosts screenings and... – New Distributor

GLOBAL - Lightrhythm has signed a deal to distribute contents at; an established website for VJ clip-packs. Run by Kyle Lyons out of Valencia, Spain the website has been up and running for 4years and has a large collection of contents for visual...

Laptops R US – Screenings and Performances

SPAIN - Several lightrhythm artists performed and were screened at the bi-annual event Laptops-R-us taking place in Spain. Laptops R Us is promoted as a public meeting of female audiovisual performers. Female artists are encouraged to Vj with/against each other in collaborative/challenging ways.

Visualux – DVD Launch Event

TOKYO - superdeluxe witnessed the return of lightrhythm's audiovisual sessions "visualux" as artists turned it out to launch the new dvd releases Notations 02 and Koob's. A multi-screen setup allowed artists to fill the atmosphere of roppongii's top venue and bonus...

Lightrhythm Artist Showcase – One Step Beyond

NEW YORK: Lightrhythm artists will be performing at New Yorks Natural History Museum on January 16. Special guest VJ Scott Draves and resident artist Benton-C Bainbridge will be highlighted at the event which also boasts complimentary screenings of the Space Show...

New work – Interstellar Sugar – Suryummy

video SAN FRANCISCO: Founding lightrhythm artist and in house creative director for Mekanism, Suryummy a.k.a. Emmett Feldman recently completed a new piece of work which has successfully entered into several film festivals and maybe be included in forthcoming...

DJ Magazine : Best Content Provider Award

UK : Lightrhythm Visuals was this year voted as Best Content Provider in the annual DJ Magazine VJ poll. Thankyou to all who supported the label and voted confidence in the project. Several artists working with Lightrhythm were also featured amongst the world top 20...

Orihalcon – 3d Dome Projection

TOKYO : VJ REEL and Ben Sheppee are presenting work at the new 3d Dome space "Orihalcon" as part of the opening of the new cinematic experience produced by Toshiyuki Takahei. Works will be on display from the 29th of October - till the 31st alongside other scientific...

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