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With 15 years of experience in creative visual design, lightrhythm blends animation, and live action to create compelling narratives and deliver branded content across fashion, music, sport and broadcast projects.

Staff at our London based studio work closely with clients to realize ambitious projects, while seeking to create long-lasting collaborations and partnerships. here are some of the key services that we offer…

creative direction

Producing content often requires creative input from several different people. It also requires an overall guiding force to harness all of this creativity, and focus it on producing a cohesive final product. Lightrhythm uses creative direction to calibrate all of the major creative decisions on a given project against the bigger-picture vision for the piece to ensure a unified creative vision that meets the projects bigger-picture goals.

motion graphics

Motion graphics is an key tool in our productions. We have learnt how to keep audiences engaged throughout a visual story by setting things in motion. Whether you need creative video production, 3D animation, projection mapping or VR/AR contents, Lightrhythm identifies how to enhance your production with motion graphics, and instills a stylistic approach using design that fits your messaging and brand persona.

spatial design

Over the course of 15 years we have developed an understanding of the technology behind shows and the process of planning events. We create virtual spaces and 3d model set design

We have strong relations with our technology partners internationally and can consult / advise / introduce to help gaurentee the success of your project.

working with lrv

We’ve developed an interactive feedback interface which allows clients to leave comments at specific moments during a video. You can approve video samples, email changes and share with our team directly. a manageable workflow that reduces mis-communication and the need for lengthy emails.

lrv workflow

After Effects

After Effects is a central part of our workflow due to its flexibility and compatibility with other softwares. Its the industry recognized software for motion graphics and allows us to composite elements from other software and apply them to complex LED pixel layouts with comparative ease.


Premiere is our main editing tool. We use it to cut video to music or spot footage from rushes. Premiere works in line with After Effects and its possible to cut and paste edits and clips between the two softwares.

cinema 4d

in house our workflow incorporates cinema 4d – a powerful 3d software that has become more widely used since its purchase by adobe. we use cinema 4d to create visual contents and 3d virtual environments to pre-visualize your event space.


Illustrator is a powerful vector graphics software which allows you to scale an image to any size without loosing quality. Most logo files come to us in a vector format and through illustrator are directly transferable into our workflow.


Photoshop is an image software that can be used for photo touch ups, collages and mimick painterly techniques with a diverse range of graphic brushes. When we work with illustrators or storyboard photoshop becomes an important skill set in our pallette.

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